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A lot of people have asked me where I got the name “Loobie Labels.”  It started back in the early 80’s when my older sister decided she wanted to make my life miserable.  lol

When we were younger, my sister and I didn’t get along.  Well, that’s probably the understatement of the century.  We are 17 months apart and we’ve been like oil and water since the day I was born.  From infancy, I was tormented by a sister who liked to shove Spaghetti O’s in my ears, rub Vicks Vapo Rub in my eyes, and throw toys at my head.  (I guess that explains a lot.  lol)  It wasn’t until I started college that we became friends.  Now, 16 years later, I consider her one of my best friends.

Anyway, when we were in our teen years, she would drive me batty by calling me all sorts of crazy names.  Since my real name starts with L, she would come up with all sorts of “names” for me that started with L.  I hated it, and she knew it, and that made her do it even more.  One of the names she used to call me was Loobie.

When I started doing the candy bar wrappers a few years ago, she was my biggest fan.  She always encouraged me to turn it into a real business.  I didn’t think I was ready, and I lacked the self-confidence to put myself out there with the potential for failure.  I think I started my actual business more to get her off my back than anything else (gotta love those older sisters who nag you to death.)  When I asked her what I should name my business, she suggested Loobie Labels. 

I thought it was sort of fitting – taking a name she used to call me back in the day when there was NO possiblity of us ever having a decent relationship.  I figured if I could stick with our “relationship” and have it eventually turn into something amazing and incredible, maybe the same would happen to my little hobby.  Maybe I could take it and stick with it until it exploded into something I could be proud of. 

So far, it seems to be a pretty fitting name.

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