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I had the pleasure of taking my first trip to Popcorn Town & Candyland Company in Tinley Park, Illinois this week.  A family member introduced me to the owners recently, thinking we would be great complements to each other,  and I have to say that I’m excited.  Kim and Donamarie have been great to work with so far and I’m looking forward to a long-standing relationship with them!

Walking into the store, you can smell the popcorn.  Ooooh, the smell of fresh caramel corn!  It was nearing lunch time when we arrived and I was pretty hungry.  If I could have jumped into the bin of caramel corn and splashed around in it, I probably would have.  (Ok, well, I wouldn’t have…. but at least I provided you with a lovely visual.)  They have several regular flavors, and rotate other flavors throughout the week.  I happened to come on the day they were making bacon cheddar popcorn and, well, I couldn’t resist.  I initially brought it home for the fiance’ but I am woman enough to admit that I ate more than he did.  4 thumbs up!  (It would have been 6 thumbs up if you count our daughter, but we were bad parents and waited until she was in bed for the night before breaking out the treats.)

Aside from the popcorn, I noticed how FUN the store was.  There was a giant train in the middle of the store with a gumball smoke stack and room for the little ones to run through or sit and play train.  This was my daughter’s favorite part.  Even the ceiling was fun – giant pieces of colorful wrapped “candy” hanging, helium balloons, and a GIANT 6 foot long strip of “candy buttons” near the door.  It was fantastic!  Everything a kid (or a kid at heart) would want to see in a candy store, this place has it.  A word of warning, though, if you’re bringing a preschooler into this place, be prepared to stick around for a while and expect a few tears when leaving.  My daughter actually asked me if she could sleep there.  lol

And, of course, there’s the candy.  They had EVERYTHING!  And I DO mean everything.  From chocolate covered gummy bears to candy arrangements, and nostalgic candy to a 3 foot long gummy snake.  It was all there, in all its yummy glory!  They even had these lollipops with “bugs” in the middle that looked SO real, I kind of wanted to ask if they were…. but I chickened out.  And if you’re looking for colored m&m’s for your wedding or graduation, they have those too.  The best part?  Free samples!

What a fun place to visit, and what a great selection!  If you’re in the area, I highly recommend stopping by!  With or without a kid in tow, I promise your inner child will leave with a gigantic smile on its face – especially if you buy it some gummy bears (which are separated by color, by the way – no need for me to throw away the yellow ones.)

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