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Well, I made it through my first craft fair unscathed!  🙂  It was actually a lot of fun, and I met so many wonderful and talented people!  Once they heard that I was doing my very first show, they were more than happy to share their secrets, advice, and stories about their own first shows.  With 190 vendors, I definitely could have spent every last penny I made on some of the wonderful things I saw, but alas, Christmas shopping calls!  However, I do have to plug the ladies who sold me the most FABULOUSLY delicious apple cupcakes I’ve ever had in my entire life – www.sugarfixation.com!  If you’re in the Chicago area, definitely check them out, and if you’re elsewhere, I’m sure you could always inquire about shipping.  No, I’m not getting paid for this plug, but they seriously ARE fantastic!

Anyway, I found that this particular crowd wanted to toss tradition out the window this holiday season.  My biggest sellers, by far, were the sarcastic or funny candy bars and other goodies.  Within the first hour of the show, I was completely sold out of these:

And I sold another order for 30 to a woman who took my business card from the show.  Gotta hand it to those Cubs fans – they never give up!

While prepping for the craft fair, I also had orders for two different brides, both getting married on 11/11/11.    One wanted custom stickers to attach to the take-home containers on her candy buffet, and the other wanted fans that her guests could use during her beachside wedding that also doubled as wedding programs.  (I had also designed the invitation suite for the beachside wedding and was able to carry the theme through and make the fans match the wedding stationery.)

Overall, I’ve had a busy first holiday season in my new etsy shop (www.LoobieLabels.etsy.com) and I can’t wait to see what else is in store!

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It has always been my custom to give away the first of every new product to someone who is needy, deserving, or just some random stranger.  While life hasn’t always been good to me, I know I am incredibly lucky, very loved, and proud of the person I have become.  I love making someone’s day easier, giving them something unexpected, or doing something for them that puts a smile on their face.

Enter my blog followers…..

I have a new product that’s not even listed on my etsy site yet, and I’m continuing with my custom and giving the first away.  You can win 30 self-adhesive custom photo holiday gift tags like the ones pictured below.   To enter, leave all your comments on this blog post, and don’t forget to include your email address so I can contact you if you’re the winner.  There are 2 possible entries – 1 mandatory and 1 bonus entry:

1. Follow my blog and leave me a comment telling me that you do. (mandatory entry – click on the gray square in the lower right hand corner that says “follow.”)

2. Leave a comment below telling me about the nicest thing you’ve ever done for someone.

At 9am Central time on Wednesday 10/26/11, I will select a winner from all eligible entries using random.org.  I will email the winner and they’ll have 48 hours to reply.  If the winner doesn’t respond, I will choose a new winner and so on until someone claims the prize.  I will then work with the winner to create their custom photo gift tags. 

Don’t forget to check my etsy site – www.loobielabels.etsy.com – for this and other holiday products that will be added in the coming weeks!

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So much for my promise to do better at keeping up with my blog.  This summer was ridiculous, complete with a flood and the loss of just about every piece of furniture we owned (as well as a lot of personal items), moving to a temporary place, my daughter starting school, moving again, and a barrage of medical issues.  I can say for certain that we’ve come through relatively unscathed and are now much more aware of what’s important in life and what isn’t. 

With that being said, Loobie Labels is back in business after being closed for 2 months due to the chaos going on.  It has been slow going, trying to re-acclimate myself to including a bit of “work time” in my daily schedule, as well as get my name back out there.  For a small business (miniscule, really) to take a 2 month hiatus, there’s bound to be a LOT of work involved in climbing back up the proverbial ladder from obscurity to being a household name.  I am beyond excited to be getting back to doing what I love! 

My return from oblivion just happens to coincide with me getting ready for my first ever craft fair.  Knowing that I am NOT the pushy salesperson type, I’m a bit nervous.  I’ll admit to that.  But I’m going to do my best and let my products stand for themselves.  I know I do good work and I know anyone would love to receive the items I’m bringing to the craft fair so I’m just going to hold my head up high and be a brave little soldier!  I’ve been working on a lot of new items for the show and I’m slowly getting them listed on my etsy site as well, so check back often over the next few weeks…. www.loobielabels.etsy.com

As always, I wish you a life less ordinary!

Posted on: June 10, 2011

I’ve neglected my blog lately, and for that I apologize.  I was diagnosed last year with Rheumatoid Arthritis and over the past week or so, we’ve had a lot of rain and a major change in the weather so it has been pretty painful for me to get things done.  I’m hoping this lastest flare-up will be a short one.

Anyway, I just got an email that one of the treasuries I was featured in is now listed on a blog.  I’m excited!  The more exposure the better, right?  There are some seriously creative treasuries that were featured and I am honored to have one of my items in one of them.  http://catgirlla.blogspot.com/2011/06/treasuries-of-week_10.html  My treasury is #9 and it’s called How Does Your Garden Grow?  It features my rose petal votive holder on the very first line.  🙂

I actually made those votive holders to use as part of my own garden-themed wedding that’s coming up.  For the life of me, I don’t recall where I got the idea, but it definitely isn’t mine.  lol  They were a lot of fun and I actually have a handful of roses that will soon be turned into votives as well, all different colors.  So watch for the new listings!  To get a better view of the votive, check out the listing in my shop.  http://www.etsy.com/listing/45935764/rose-petal-votive-holder  As soon as I get full use of my hands back, you’ll be seeing votive holders in orange, pink, and white.  Still on the hunt for the elusive realistic-looking RED roses that don’t cost a small fortune.  I KNOW they’re out there somewhere!

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What kind of granddaughter would I be without a nod to my grandpa as well?  I never really knew my grandfather, as he lived on the other side of the country for most of my life.  He didn’t move back until I was in high school, and it wasn’t long after moving back that he passed away.  I think he knew his time was nearing, and he wanted to be near his family.  What I do remember about him is that he was very smart.  He never stopped learning, and when you talked to him, he spoke with the confidence of someone who was obviously well-educated.  He was a little on the eccentric side as well, which is where I think I get my odd little quirks.  I regret that I didn’t have more time to get to know him, but he is alive in me in many, many ways.

Why the trip down memory lane?  My grandfather was the inspiration for one of my newer listings, a photo memorial candle.  That is his picture you see, and it was recently included in a treasury that celebrates our fallen military heroes.  It is a beautiful treasury – one that brought a tear to my eye – and I’d love to share it with you, so we all can remember the REAL meaning of this weekend.  It’s not about the day off work/school and it’s not about what you’re going to grill or how many fish you’re going to catch.  So many brave men & women have served our country (like my grandfather did) and many of them made the ultimate sacrifice when they laid down their lives for their country.  I hope we never forget that, and I hope everyone takes the time to reflect and be thankful for those who died serving our country.


Wishing you a life less ordinary,


When my grandma was alive, she used to collect clowns.  Emmett Kelly were here favorites, but I never liked them because they were always so sad.  I remember forking over a small fortune one Christmas for an Emmett Kelly figurine entitled “Smile and the World Smiles With You.”  It was one of the few things I asked for after she passed away because not only was it something that she loved, but it had a smile on it – which is rare for those figurines.  Once again, Gram has come through for me.  Here’s what has been going on at Loobie Labels over the past week.

* I organized and rearranged all the supplies I have on hand.  (This is just a fraction of the organization I’ve done at home since losing my job in April.)  I found that I had a lot more than I thought, and I have supplies for projects I didn’t even realize I had purchased supplies for.  So WOO HOO – I get to create new things after all!

* I’m currently in the process of designing and supplying a local catering company with custom bag toppers similar to the ones I sell in my Etsy store ( http://www.etsy.com/listing/68445194/custom-goodie-bag-topper ) except they’ll fit over food-safe bags that hold some really yummy gourmet cookies.  Huge recurring order where hundreds of people will see my work?  Um, yes please!

* I’ve had a few sales, including an Etsy sale.  I guess my Etsy store didn’t like the fact that I was considering paying more attention to other areas in my life.  Heh…. my Etsy store is a Diva.

* I have a solid lead on a part time job, and part time is better than nothing.  Keep your fingers crossed for this one.

* I just finished sending the last of the information for my very first site review and giveaway.  Good golly, I’m more nervous than a hog on slaughter day.  Hopefully it goes over well.  *fingers crossed*

Now, all I need is to figure out why my ginormous double-paned picture window is leaking, and why I can only seem to get 1 side of my kitchen sink to drain at a time.  I love my fiance’ dearly, but Mr. Fixit he is NOT.  lol  Gotta give a shout out to the DIY network website – they’ve saved my tail on more than one occasion!  🙂

And, of course, a shout out to my Gram for reminding me that it doesn’t matter what cards you’re dealt in life.  What matters is how you play them.  Love you and miss you, Gram!  xoxoxo

Wishing you a life less ordinary,


There comes a time in every new Etsy shop owner’s life that they begin to wonder if it’s even worth it.  Is it worth the time, money, and effort I’m putting into my shop in order to list new things?  Is it worth missing time with my family?  Is it worth the disappointment when, day after day, you check your Etsy store and see no messages and no sales?  I’ve kind of come to that point.

Last month, I lost my job.  And it was my hope that I could add new items to my Etsy shop and at least make enough to tide me over until I found a new job.  Didn’t happen.  Not a single sale in over a month despite the fact that I’ve pretty much become an advertising and marketing person in the past few weeks.  I’ve gone way out of my comfort zone to promote my business and still, my business is failing despite all my efforts.  I’ve read all the articles I can find on Etsy.  I’ve stalked shops that sell similar products.  I’ve joined teams.  I’ve done treasuries.  I’ve participated in discussions.  I’ve offered discounts and networked with the best of them.  I’ve taken my advertising on a local advertising blitz and papered my area with fliers, made dozens of phone calls, and passed out hundreds of business cards.  Nothing has worked.  The only thing I can say for sure is that I probably should have paid more attention to finding a new job, because my Etsy shop has let me down.

I will continue to work on new items for my shop, but my main focus will now switch to finding a full time job that can pay the bills.  I have so many ideas for new items, but at this point, I need to conserve my resources and use them to keep my family going.  But trust me, this is NOT goodbye.  I never never in my life walked away from a challenge and I’m not about to start now.  This is my passion.  This is what’s in my heart.  This is what I was born to do.  And some day, I hope that I’ll be one of those people with a few thousand sales under my belt.  For now, though, I have to shift a little more energy towards my obligations to my family.  It’s a difficult and heartbreaking decision to make, but my family means the world to me and they will ALWAYS come first!

Wishing you a life less ordinary,



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